What is “Kink”?

You’d probably be surprised at what get people going, or then again, maybe not. The truth is, people everywhere are into kinky sex. We may have a friend who we’ve jokingly referred to as kinky, or have seen something that we’ve identified as kinky. Even Rihanna sings “whips and chains excite me.” But, what does the term “kink” mean when referring to human sexuality?

Kink typically referrers to unconventional sexual practices, and preferences. The idea behind the term comes from “a bend” or “a kink” in one’s sexual behaviour in contrast with a “straight” or “vanilla” sexual outlook. For some, kinky sex spices up an otherwise vanilla sex life, and for others, its a lifestyle. In fact, what one considers to be kinky, another may consider it to be the norm.

Why does a housewife wear her hair in a ponytail to have it pulled while her doctor husband pulls on it when they’re having sex doggy style?

Is it kinky to have hot wax dripped over your body while you’re restrained and blindfolded?

Why else do adult shops carry whips, blindfolds, and handcuffs?

Kink is common. Far more common than most people think.

Kink, or the idea of it seems to have become more mainstream. To contrast, years ago, the sight of a woman’s ankle caught attention, but now it’s normal to see a commercial with hot, young ladies dancing in their underwear.

Whatever your definition of kink may be, exploring sex beyond the missionary position can be thrilling.

The Book of Kink by Eva Christina is a fascinating look at the world of kink and what makes it spin. From Sex Ed to Tamakeri, Eva Christina has it covered. While you’re reading this you may be relieved that you’re not the only one who enjoys “kinky sex” and all the fun that entails.

Have you ever tried playing with hot candle wax? Having candle wax dripped on me drop by drop for the quick searing sensation, slow cooling off and hardening effect is very very fun. Candles made with shea butter, jojoba, and coconut oils are my favourite, as they’re great for my skin too! Japanese drip candles from Doc Johnson work really well, as do these soy based candles.

The only unnatural sexual act is that which you cannot perform –Alfred Kinsey



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